One of the most common questions we get asked is how long a Facebook video ad should be? 

It’s no surprise because there’s so much misinformation out there, primarily because for years and years, Facebook had their so-called “experts” telling people that to be successful, their video ads needed to be 15 seconds long.

But is that actually true? 

Video ad myth-busting

Let’s cut to the chase. I can categorically tell you that is not true at all. 

Our agency has run 15, 30 minute and even up to hour-long ads that absolutely crushed it. The most successful ads that we most commonly run for our clients range between 2 – 6 minutes. 

When we create ads and videos, we’ll often record a longer video (10 minutes for example) and cut it into different versions (30, 60 seconds, 2 & 5 minutes) to test them out. And more often than not, the longer video where we can fully explain and sell the product does better!

The beauty of digital advertising

Unlike TV ads, where you’re paying for the amount of airtime and a 60-second commercial costs much more than a 30-second one, and you need to really squeeze things in, the length makes no or minimal difference to the cost on platforms like Facebook and Youtube.

Yes, the real beauty of digital advertising is that it doesn’t cost more to run longer ads and sometimes, it costs even less! 

This means you can take the time and really sell your product to your target audience for the same amount of money, be it a 15 second or 15-minute video.

So…how long should my ads be?

There is no magic number. What you need to remember is this: the perfect length of your video is the amount of time you need to engage, explain and sell your product to your target audience. 

New, complicated & expensive products

If you have a more complicated, expensive or new to market product, like a tech gadget that people don’t even know exists, you will likely need a longer time to explain it.

At this point, your target audience might not even realise they have the problem that your product solves, let alone that your product exists and can solve their problem.

You may need 2, 5 or even 10 minutes to establish why they need the product, explain how it meets that need, how it’s going to change their lives, and demonstrate the product, showing its features and benefits.

So generally speaking, if you have a more expensive or more complicated product, you need longer for people to understand it.

Simple, familiar & inexpensive products

If you’re selling something simple, inexpensive and people know what it is and what it does, you might not need so much time.

A good example would be a dress. People already know what a dress is, so you’re selling based on its design, style, fabric and other features. 

A 15-second video with a model walking and showing how the dress looks and text overlays with your selling points may well suffice to properly showcase and sell that type of product.

The “secret”

So the secret to making a successful Facebook video ad is not about how long it is, but whether it’s engaging, persuasive, and gets people to take action, visit your website and buy your product.

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Facebook Video AdsLiam J Miller is the Founder & Chief Growth Marketer of Above & Beyond Digital, an eCommerce growth agency on a mission to help inspired entrepreneurs grow thriving and fulfilling businesses. 


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